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Recognizing hazardous trees and taking proper corrective actions can protect property and save lives.

Storm Damage

Vista Pruning (for a view)

Stump Grinding

Crane Assisted Removal

• Pruning:

Trim (a tree, shrub, or bush) by cutting away dead or overgrown branches or stems, especially to increase fruitfulness and growth.

• Vista Pruning:

Vista Pruning is defined as the cutting back or removing of branches that are getting in the way of a view. Vista Pruning for a view is often done in phases . This helps to effectivly direct the continued growth as well as to maintain privacy in the winter; after the leaves have fallen.

• Hazardous Take Downs

• Storm Damage:

Damage to trees caused by storms can lead to further damage of your tree, home & property. It is very important to remove damaged trees and / or limbs caused by storms. This will help to prevent injury to people, pets & property.

• Tree Removal Service:

We have several options available to fit your tree removal needs. We offer complete tree removal service but will leave manageable pieces for firewood or wood-chips at the home owners request.

• Crane Service:

Donovan Tree Removal, LLC offers zero-impact and traditional tree climbing services but occasionally we will employ the use of a crane, depending on several factors including the location, health and size of the trees as well as whats around it. The crane service allows us to safely and effectively remove hard to reach and dangerous trees.

• Cabling:

Cabling refers to the use of cables to stabilize an established tree growing in a manner that is not sustainable if left uncorrected.  Cabling is sometimes used to save a tree with a split trunk.  Another use of cabling is to support a large branch that is growing at an akward angle.

• Lot Clearing

• Tractor Work

• Brush Chipping

• Stump Grinding

• Clearing around homes

• Large pines and hard to reach trees removed

• Planting and Planting Advice on trees and shrubs

• 24hr. Emergency Service

Safety is our number one priority on all job sites, complicated or not.


Donovan Tree Removal, LLC is based out of Parsonsfield, Maine and offers tree services to the surrounding areas including: Cornish, Sebego, Bridgton, Fryeburg, Sacopee Valley area, Shapleigh, Acton, Naples, York / Cumberland / Oxford County, Lakes Region New Hampshire, Mt. Washington Valley, Ossipee, Freedom, Wakefield, NH. and other surrounding towns. Services are also available in Massachusetts.

Vista Pruning is often done in phases.